If the pharmaceutical industry was a country, with 4,4% of global net emissions, it would be the 5th largest emitting country in world behind China, Europe, the USA and India.

Conferences & Debates

With more than 20 presentations and round tables a day, The Pharma Sustainability Days focus on the most pressing challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry and its suppliers in their transition.

Speakers and moderators will highlight concrete actions, and present existing solutions as well as new paths for improvement.

Highlights 2024

  • Sustainability, where does the pharma industry stand?
  • Balancing regulatory compliance with sustainability to achieve net-zero emissions
  • Decarbonation of the value chain to reduce scope 3 emissions
  • Moving towards eco-friendly drug delivery systems
  • Primary packaging: how to reduce the environmental footprint?
  • Green Chemistry: the path toward sustainable R&D
Climate change
Reducing carbon footprints | Improving the quality of water effluents | Reducing air pollution connected to industrial activities | Water consumption | Energy autonomy, renewable energies
Packaging & Device lifecycle
Eco-design | Recyclability
Sustainable raw materials | Reusability
Research & Clinical trials
Green chemistry | Digital twin technology | In-silico, computer-based simulations | Decentralising clinical trials
Sustainable medicines
Pharmaceutical products in the environment | Waste management | Water pollution